The Power of Yoga Asana for Hamstring Health

Why Care About Your Hamstrings? Hamstrings are often the unsung heroes of our daily movements. Located at the back of the thigh, these three muscles play a vital role in bending the knee and extending the hip, essential actions for walking, running, and jumping. Despite their importance, hamstrings are frequently tight and neglected, leading toContinue reading “The Power of Yoga Asana for Hamstring Health”

Chandra Namaskar

Honoring the moon in a yoga practice can be a deeply spiritual and rejuvenating experience. The moon represents the feminine energy, intuition, and the cycles of nature. Here are some traditional ways to honor the moon in your yoga practice: Chandra Namaskar Chandra Namaskar, or Moon Salutation, is a relatively recent addition to traditional yogaContinue reading “Chandra Namaskar”

The Mighty Backbend

Aren’t backbends pretty funny? We are so used to moving forward in our daily lives that I guess it just looks pretty out of place to move so far backwards. But in that case i guess a lot of the postures that we practice can be seen as pretty funny. Backbends have a special placeContinue reading “The Mighty Backbend”

108 Namaskars: What does it mean and why you should try them.

What is a Namaskar? Surya Namaskars, aka sun salutations, are a series of postures strung together in a sequence made to pay our respects to the sun. The term is derived from two Sanskrit roots; surya, meaning “sun” and namaskar meaning “greetings” or ‘salutations’”. The Namaskar stimulates all muscles, organs, systems and chakras as well as cultivates concentrationContinue reading “108 Namaskars: What does it mean and why you should try them.”

A State of Calm

A state of calm opens avenues of solutions. When a state of calm is active logical thinking is able to take the lead bringing more clarity to the positions around you, understanding of positions available and the ability to make the best decision for yourself in that position.  Staying Calm to Combat Triggers Triggers areContinue reading “A State of Calm”