“The ability to sit or stand with stability in a Yoga Asana posture requires stamina, mental discipline, and a tolerance for stress, qualities that typically extend into one’s larger life”.

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The traditional Yoga discipline was ethically designed to bring balance into human life. Implementing Yogas traditional practices into our modern world is our main goal here at Bakersfield Yoga. What sets us different from the rest is our dedication to community, discipline and self improvement. Our studio temperature is controlled to keep the classroom at a temperature that encompasses focus and comfort and reduces the risk of overextending and dehydration. We have a class level for every student to enjoy and benefit from this practice. We provide classes to assist those dealing with anxiety and restlessness and also practitioners looking for a challenge both physically and mentally.

Ready to join? Use our New Member Pass to get two weeks of unlimited classes. We offer a range of class levels weekly. All the way from those stepping onto their mats for the first time to seasoned Yogis looking for a challenge and way to advance their practice.

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Join us for a transformative summer yoga event focused on harnessing the energy of the solar plexus chakra through Yoga asana, meditation & discussion. This event will blend the themes of inner power and the natural heat of the summer, helping participants connect deeply with their inner strength and embrace the warmth of the season.

Meet Swedana, our infrared medical sauna, with a chromotherapy light experience and bluetooth speakers for your enjoyment. Book your private session today.

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